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UCLA provides faculty with an array of resources to assist in getting started at UCLA.  Everything you need to know from becoming a new faculty, to career development, and retirement.  For more information, please visit: medschool.ucla.edu/faculty


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All VA physicians must have their professional time allocated among four categories, Clinical (Direct Patient Care), Administrative, Education, and Research. The aggregate of time in each category equals your VA FTE, eg. 1.0, 0.625, 0.375, etc. The allocation of time must be approved by your division chief, service chief, and ultimately the Chief of Staff, and is reviewed and updated regularly. There are specific guidelines with respect to how various professional activities are categorized. It is important to review the definitions of each category to understand how time is allocated. Teaching or supervision of trainees in a clinical setting, for example, is considered clinical time rather than education. Research time must be for projects approved by the VA Research and Development Committee, or specific start up or bridge mitigation. The attached material provides further details on these allocations, but your own mapping should first be discussed with your Division Chief.

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